4 Signs of Leaking Plumbing Pipes

When listing down all the problems homeowners fear, plumbing pipe leaks rank high. A leak in a pipe doesn’t just create a hefty repair bill, it has the potential to cause significant water damage to your home if it’s not detected in time . Unfortunately, leaking pipes aren’t always detected right away. The reason is that the majority of plumbing pipes are hidden behind the ceiling, flooring, or a wall.

Fortunately, you can catch this problem early on by looking out for a few signs that indicate the presence of a leak or multiple leaks in your plumbing pipes. Let’s examine these warning signs in detail.

1.Spiking Water Bills

If there is a leak somewhere along the plumbing lines, you might notice a sudden spike in your water bills. If the water bills start increasing for no reason, you should start investigating your plumbing lines for leaks. If you can’t find a leak on your own, call a professional such as a plumber for help.

2.Discolored Pipes

When you are in your basement or poking around under the bathroom sink, take a look at your plumbing lines, check for signs of discoloration. If you do discover discoloration, it means that there is moisture present. Moisture may be the result of dripping from a drain or sink line or because of a slow leak in the main supply line. If you fear that it is the latter, call a professional to fix the leak immediately. Supply lines are pressurized, a slow leak can to turn into a major mess in a very short time.

3.Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a sign of a problem in water distribution. If it is only occurring in one fixture, the faucet aerator may be faulty. This problem isn’t linked to leaks and can be fixed easily. However, if you are noticing low water pressure in several spots, it could be a sign of a serious problem. There could be an issue at the water main or a leak in the supply line. In this case, you’ll need a plumber’s expertise to determine the real cause of the problem. The plumbing professional will then fix the problem before it escalates and causes damage to your property.

4.Bubbling Wall Paint

The paint on a ceiling or wall may start to peel off or bubble if there is moisture around the wall. A common cause of this problem is a leak in the plumbing system or roof. If you see brown spots on a wall or a ceiling or if you see paint blister, start investigating the plumbing system or your home’s roof for leaks.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the signs of a leaking plumbing line, you’ll be able to take action in a timely manner upon seeing them. If you aren’t able to detect a leak in a pipe and it ends up causing water damage to your property, don’t attempt any repairs on your own. Leave this work to the experts at STOP Restoration (S.T.O.P.). We offer our water damage restoration services in the areas of Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery Country. Our certified technicians have the experience and tools required to restore your home back to its original condition. Please call us at 844/777-STOP to get immediate emergency service or schedule an estimate.