Mold Warning Signs – How to Tell if You Have a Mold Problem

People often think of their homes as safe havens. Unfortunately, there can be several silent, awful dangers lurking in the corners of their premises. By “Dangers” we are referring to mold growth. It is every homeowner’s nightmare to find out that they have a mold problem. Removing mold can cost hundreds of dollars and the cost can even run into thousands if mold is left unchecked for a long time.

If you don’t want to be surprised by invasive mold, we advise you to become familiar with some warning signs of mold. If you can detect mold early by noticing the signs, you will be able to fix the mold problem before it gets out of hand. We have listed some warning signs of mold that should help you determine whether your home has a mold problem.

1.Strange Odor

Mold gives off a pungent smell. You might already be familiar with this smell. Even when it is faint, you should be able to recognize it. If you get a vague smell of something mold-like, it is essential to take this sign very seriously. As soon as you notice a strange pungent odor in your home, try to look for visible manifestations. Even if you can’t see any mold manifestations, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem.  If you smell something strange it could mean there is mold hiding somewhere.  

2.Food Is Going Bad Very Quickly

Bread and other similar products have a shelf-life of six to eight days. If mold starts to form on your bananas or loaves of bread only within a few days, it might be a sign that there is a high number of mold spores present in the air inside your home.

3.Health Symptoms

If you start experiencing watering eyes and feeling congested in your house, mold infestation may be responsible for it. This is the least obvious warning sign of mold infestation because mold-induced symptoms like cough, fatigue, and watering eyes are also attributable to other illnesses. If you feel better when you’re out of your home, it is possible that you are experiencing health issues due to mold growth in your home.

4.Visible Manifestation

Mold colonies usually present as circular, dark blotches on ceilings and walls. Serious mold infestation spreads outwards on the surface as mold searches for more material to feed on. Mold can also appear as discoloration on a surface, giving off the appearance of dirt or dust. Since these changes aren’t very obvious, they are often overlooked. You should pay attention to the discoloration of surfaces and call an expert if you think that there might be a mold problem in your home.

Final Thoughts

If you notice any of the warning signs we have discussed above, contact STOP Restoration (S.T.O.P.). Our expert technicians have extensive training in the field and follow the highest industry standards, so you can trust us with taking care of mold properly. We offer our mold damage restoration services in the areas of Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery Country. Please call us at 844/777-STOP to schedule an estimate.