Posts from October, 2019

  • Why Mold Grows and How You Can Prevent It Mold is an essential part of the ecosystem. There is no escaping it. Outdoor mold is not harmful, and it will not affect your quality of life. However, indoor mold can increase the risk of several health problems. All types of mold are allergenic but not all of them are ... Continue Reading
  • Can You Deal with Water Damage on Your Own? Thanks to the Do It Yourself guides and YouTube tutorials, more and more people are performing simple household repairs on their own instead of hiring professionals. Homeowners do what the self-help guides tell them and most of the time they can successfully complete the ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage FAQs Having your home destroyed by water, whether by your own carelessness or by an act of Mother Nature, can be a traumatic experience. Anyone can suffer from this type of damage at any time. Therefore, it is important to become educated about water damage and learn how to ... Continue Reading
  • Mold Damage FAQs Mold spores can grow anywhere there is moisture. These tiny microorganisms have been around since the beginning of time and they have found many ways to propagate. When mold finds a breeding ground inside your home and starts to grow, it will eventually cause damage to the ... Continue Reading