Posts from August, 2019

  • Types of Water Damage A home is one of the most, if not, the most significant investment that you will make in your life. Unfortunately, it is exposed to a variety of damage-causing occurrences. A cyclone could wipe it out or fire could burn it to the ground. However, these types of events are ... Continue Reading
  • Why Professionals Should be Hired for Smoke Damage Restoration Your house caught fire, but fortunately, the firefighters arrived on time and extinguished the flames before the fire could do extensive damage to your home. When the firefighters leave your home, it might seem like the worst is over and that your home is safe from further ... Continue Reading
  • Smoke Damage Clean Up The destructive nature of fire is no secret to anyone. Fire can cause significant damage to your home and other belongings. Moreover, the smoke soot can seriously stain the walls, furniture, and fixtures that were not burned by flames. Cleaning a house damaged by smoke is ... Continue Reading
  • Is Your Home’s Air Making You Sick? Do you miss breathing in fresh air? There is something about clear, clean air that makes us crave it – the way it makes us feel and the energy it brings to our body. Unfortunately, it is something that most of us are not experiencing much these days. This is because the ... Continue Reading
  • How Dangerous is Indoor Mold? The fuzzy white patches on the basement floor, the orange film on the kitchen drain and the slimy black spots on the shower curtain – do you know what they are? We do – they are all indoor mold. Mold refers to different types of fungi. Countless species of this microorganism ... Continue Reading
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