Water Damage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Voted ‘Worst Way to Spend the Weekend’

Water damage or a fire in your home has a way of moving to the top of your priorities list. Household disasters have been voted “a terrible way to spend the weekend” by most everyone that has had a pipe break or house fire. But if you live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or surrounding areas, you are lucky because there is a STOP Restoration (“STOP”) water damage and fire restoration franchise here to serve you.

It seems like one of those things that “will never happen to me.” Who knew a toilet supply line could just pop off, letting hundreds (or thousands) of gallons of water into your house? STOP of the Triad franchise owner, Ben McDonald, has been in this rodeo before. In addition to being an expert at water damage mitigation, smoke cleaning, fire restoration and mold remediation, Ben and his team will calm your nerves.

A professional, uniformed technician (perhaps Ben himself) will arrive at your door ready to assess your house flood, mold or fire damage issue. He will consult with you and then approach your situation with the best damage mitigation method. As your emergency services reach completion (such as carpet drying, structure drying, any necessary demolition, etc.), S.T.O.P. will begin to plan out the proper “fix” to any permanent damage your house and/or belongings have suffered.

Ben is likely going to come to you recommended by your insurance company. But if not, rest assured, STOP Restoration will cooperate with your insurance company, coordinate with your agent and adjuster and do what STOP is known for across the country; getting your life back to normal. We speak “insurance speak” and use the same estimating and documentation system that they use. STOP is RESTORATION …done right the first time.

Water damage can interrupt your life almost as badly as a fire. Though water doesn’t come with the smoke odor, it can offer up its own pungent smell, soon enough, if the proper water damage mitigation services are not used.

After a number of days, fungi can begin to grow. Mildew, mold and other not-so-fun parts of nature come along. For these reasons, it is important to have water damage addressed by a professional restoration company. Beware the carpet cleaners that might claim to do “restoration” but are limited to sucking up loose water and leaving a couple fans. It might be a bit more complicated than that. And remember, THE SOONER YOU START DRYING, THE BETTER FOR YOU AND YOUR HOUSE!

Winston-Salem, NC is not known for a climate to cause freezing pipes, but old pipe joints, construction defects, and failing laundry hoses and water supply lines cause millions of dollars in damage in the Triad North Carolina region.

The experience you can have with a quality, customer service-oriented firm like STOP is much different that the experience you might find with a not-so-pro company. Plumbers might recommend someone that is over-charging you and your insurance company and paying large referral fees to the plumber. If you receive a recommendation, make sure you ask “why are you referring this company?”

There are a number of good water damage restoration companies in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. We hope to provide honest water damage services as the restoration company you pick for any household disaster you face. Call STOP for water, fire, smoke odor, mold remediation and any other unwelcome dilemma your house might face , be it a simple water damage job, smoke cleaning, or whole-house, sewer back up or structural fire damage.

STOP Restoration is your local, ready-to-serve, 24/7 resource. We provide free estimates and value you and your insurance company as partners throughout the water damage or fire restoration process.