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  • Flooded Hardwood Flooring Saved in Lexington North Carolina Not long ago we had a customer in Lexington who suffered a frozen pipe in an attic. Water poured down through the attic floor, down through the ceiling and settled on her gorgeous hardwood floors that covered the entire first floor of the home. Her insurance agent suggested ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Voted ‘Worst Way to Spend the Weekend’ Water damage or a fire in your home has a way of moving to the top of your priorities list. Household disasters have been voted “a terrible way to spend the weekend” by most everyone that has had a pipe break or house fire. But if you live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or ... Continue Reading
  • Ethical Business is What STOP Restoration Does All the Time – Winston-Salem, NC We were recently called to a water loss in Winston-Salem. When our team arrived the owner wasn’t there and no-one could authorize us to begin work. We helped the plumber identify what was causing water the back flow from the toilet and eventually our customer arrived. This ... Continue Reading
  • Condo Makeover Leads to Quick Sale – Winston-Salem, NC We have a great network of referral partners and one of our best is a realtor. He had a client looking to sell a condo in Winston-Salem. The condo hasn’t really been lived in for the past several years and hadn’t been updated in approximately 10-15 years. It’s in a nice ... Continue Reading
  • Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional When Dealing With Water Damage We are often asked to identify problems for our customers and sometimes for their insurance companies. In some cases, people think they can save money by performing the mitigation and structural drying themselves. However, we generally find that most people don’t have the ... Continue Reading
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