Home Inspection Problems

Home Inspection Finds Problems In Your Dream Home – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Any more, just about everyone gets a home inspection performed prior to buying their home. I’ve never seen one come back without some work suggested. Many times, the issues are fairly minor like a window that won’t stay open or a dripping faucet but sometimes structural issues, mold, faulty wiring or a leaky roof are uncovered by a thorough inspection. When these types of issues are discovered it’s important to know the potential costs associated with correcting them as well as the risks associated with not having them fixed.

At STOP Restoration, we deal with every aspect of the home and all its systems. Most of our work is related to insurance claims and those can affect any part of the home so we have be able to quote and repair just about anything that can be wrong in a home. Another great thing about our structure is that we are a disaster response company so are used to being nimble and working projects into the schedule quickly. This means that when you find issues in your home but need to close in quickly, there’s a good chance we can help.

We offer reasonable pricing for all our quotes and once hired to make the repairs, we apply the quote cost to the invoice as a credit. When you need someone you can count on and trust to give you honest pricing and feedback on your situation give us a call at (336) 203-0739.