HVAC Leaks can Cause Mold Damage in Your Home

We recently did work in an apartment that tested positive for mold because of moisture buildup from an undetected HVAC leak in a neighboring unit. The STOP Restoration knows that, regardless of size, when a leak goes unnoticed, it can cause extensive damage in your home. A leak in your HVAC unit could be the result of a few different complications:

  • Clogged Drain Lines
  • A Damaged Drain Pan
  • Coil Problems
  • Installation Complications

In the case of this service call, the leak was not caught promptly. When we arrived at the apartment, we tested the residence for mold and it was present throughout the entire unit. Full remediation projects like this require a lot of work to ensure that mold removal and water damage restoration are properly done.

In this particular mold removal project, the homeowner decided to clean most of their home’s contents by themselves and left the structure cleanup and remediation up to us because of their insurance policy’s coverage limits. This route is not always advised because contact with mold can cause health effects, but the mold in this apartment was found to be non-toxic, so we were comfortable letting the property owner carry out this part of the mold removal process.

STOP Restoration’s Mold Removal Process

Before any mold removal can begin, we need to locate the source of moisture and assess how much of the property suffers from mold contamination. From there, we contain the area that is contaminated and use special air-handling techniques that prevent cross-contamination to other areas of the building. Then, we perform water cleanup and removal to ensure that no moisture remains. This is very important because if the water leak is not fixed, mold will continue growing in your home or business. Next, we remove all mold and contaminated materials. Our process is critical to ensure a successful outcome for your home.

The STOP Restoration in Winston Salem, NC is experienced and certified in mold remediation. We are available for emergency services 24/7 and can be contacted at (336) 203-0739.