Posts from October, 2017

  • What Is a Mitigation Contractor? STOP Restoration of Winston Salem, NC is a team of mitigation professionals. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘mitigation’, it means the reduction of the severity, seriousness or painfulness of some event. Mitigation is a skilled trade occupation that requires a lot of ... Continue Reading
  • Routine Maintenance to Prevent Water Damage Problems with home appliances are one of the leading causes of water damage in homes and businesses. Make sure you are up to date on replacements and maintenance to help prevent water-related issues. You should regularly be checking for leaks around your supply lines to the ... Continue Reading
  • HVAC Leaks can Cause Mold Damage in Your Home We recently did work in an apartment that tested positive for mold because of moisture buildup from an undetected HVAC leak in a neighboring unit. The STOP Restoration knows that, regardless of size, when a leak goes unnoticed, it can cause extensive damage in your home. A ... Continue Reading