Trusted Mitigation Services Contractors

Every day, property owners across the country are faced with water in places that it’s not supposed to be. It comes from appliances malfunctioning, water lines breaking, toilets overflowing, storm damage, the list goes on and on. It may occur while you are sleeping or while you’re at work, but one thing is for sure, it’s never convenient. What happens next can be the difference in thousands of claim dollars as well as the time it takes to repair the damage. The response time of the mitigation company is crucial in determining what can and can’t be saved. That is where having a trusted mitigation company like Triad STOP Restoration comes in handy! We work to develop trusted relationships with local insurance companies, property managers and maintenance staff so that if there is a sudden loss, they know who to call.

The more time the water penetrates building materials the more damage is likely to occur. On the other hand, the quicker the drying process begins, the more likely costly items like cabinets and flooring can be saved and cut down the overall cost and time of the restoration project. As soon as the water loss is first noticed, it’s critical to notify a mitigation company so they can make an assessment and get the proper equipment to the property to begin any necessary demolition and start the drying process. Our team is trained and prepared to mobilize and be out on site within ASAP, generally within 1 hour.

Having a trusted and reliable twenty-four seven mitigation company available to recommend is one way that insurance agents and adjusters can cut down on the overall size and cost of a water loss. When an emergency call comes in, it’s important for the mitigation company to ask questions and collect as much information as possible about the loss so that they are well prepared when they arrive on site. The type of questions that we ask prior to going onsite will help us better determine what materials to have with us when we arrive, and they help us understand the cause and origin of your loss.  Our questions are also necessary in helping us determine if your loss is worth filing a claim. Adjusters look at the cause of your loss and assess your policy to gauge if there will be coverage or not. We can also assist you even if the loss is not covered by insurance.  Once the assessment is done, more specialized equipment can be brought in as necessary. If you find yourself suffering from a water loss and you live in the Winston-Salem or Triad area - Call STOP Restoration for all your 24/7 emergency mitigation needs at (336) 203-0739.