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Mold may be a necessary part of nature, but we don’t need it growing inside your home or business. At STOP Restoration, we offer highly qualified mold remediation services to contain the growth to prevent it’s spread, identify the moisture source and remove the spores. With more than four decades of experience in the industry, STOP Restoration can provide skillful services completed safely and efficiently.

Microscopic mold spores travel through the air and may come to rest anywhere the air currents take them. The problem occurs when mold spores meet up with moisture and a food source like drywall, furniture or clothing. These conditions encourage rapid growth, which can lead to health issues, including respiratory irritation, runny nose, aggravated asthma attacks, or worse.

Our Technicians Typically Perform Four Basic Steps:

  • Containment of the affected area to prevent cross contamination
  • Elimination of water or moisture source encouraging growth
  • Removal of visible mold colonies and contaminated material
  • Purification of the air in the environment

We are trained and certified to complete mold remediation and mold removal services safely and effectively. Our expert professionals wear personal protective equipment at all times during the process and monitor air pressure differentials to prevent the spread of spores to other areas of the building or property. This helps minimize the affected area and all the work and cost needed to return the home to a normal ecology.

Contact STOP Restoration at (336) 203-0739 for mold remediation and removal and enjoy the peace of mind of a job done right.

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