Realtors: When You Need to Call in a Restoration Company

Realtors: When You Need to Call in a Restoration Company

Disaster, be it fire, flood, or earthquake may strike a residential property when least expected. But time itself is an enemy to houses, an often inspections turn up evidence of damage previously unknown. For realtors, owners, and prospective purchasers alike, handling next steps in response to property damage can be overwhelming. Worse still, taking the matter into your hands can be equally devastating and damaging to already affected residential property. Whether you represent the selling or buying party, knowing when to call in a restoration company can make all the difference to getting the property purchase back on-track.

Here are some of the situations that may compel a realtor to call in a restoration company:

Water Damage

Water damage due to floods or stormwater in residential structures can be devastating. Some of this water damage may look minimal while others can become destructive to the property if not controlled correctly.

Usually, water damage allows a certain amount of water to gather in various spaces of your residential property. If not taken care of at the right time, that water can gradually seep into drywall, insulation, flooring, furniture, and more. There is a high likelihood that seeped water will facilitate mildew and mold growth.

Bear in mind that it only takes a short time for a mold and mildew to spread across your residential property. So, the longer you wait to find the best solution to this problem, the more costly and dangerous it may become. Whichever the case, make sure you call the right restoration company to assess the damage and carry out the most appropriate mitigation and repair procedures.

When you reach out to a trusted restoration company, you can rest easy knowing the water-damaged property will be handled by experts. These experts know exactly where to locate the problem that you may not have discovered while assessing the magnitude of the damage. Besides, restoration professionals have the right knowledge, expertise, and equipment to restore your residential property to how it was previously before the water damage.

Fire Damage

In other instances, many realtors believe that the only situation worth getting in touch with the restoration company is that involving a major storm, hurricane, earthquake, or any other significant damage to the residential property. While the aforementioned damages are part of the reasons for calling in a restoration company, fire damage can demand the attention of professionals as well.

Fire is likely to both seen and unseen damage to the residential. For instance, smoke can damage your property or destroy personal items. On top of that, soot may damage walls, ceilings, and other items of value that were not directly touched by the raging flames of fire.

Restoration experts can help you mitigate fire damage. They can also restore your damaged belongings in addition to getting rid of soot, debris, and the odor caused by the smoke. With that being said, you should consult trusted restoration experts to handle the fire damage however minimal it may look. In addition, temporarily masking unpleasant odors from fire damage does not mean they will not resurface again in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Professional restoration services are required to eliminate the source of odors permanently.

Call in a Residential Damage Restoration Company

Whenever something goes wrong with your residential property, make sure to contact a restoration company as soon as possible. Taking too long to find a restoration professional can complicate the situation or cost you a fortune. As such, take advantage of restoration company services to help prevent further damage, contain the situation, and restore the damaged property. Call STOP Restoration today and get your damaged residential property back to its original structure and appearance with results you can trust, and constant communication with insurance companies.