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Home & Property Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Your life shouldn’t come to a stop after a disaster. Whether your home was lost in a fire or your bedroom has been flooded due to damaged plumbing, professional restoration services from STOP Restoration of Charlotte North can get you back on your feet in no time.

Our highly trained specialists have the knowledge, resources and tools needed to bring your home back to life after an unexpected disaster.

Emergency Restoration Services

At STOP Restoration Services, we understand that disasters can happen at any time, which is why we offer emergency restoration services for our customers in North Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced professionals is available 24/7 to provide quick and efficient restoration services to help you get your life back on track after a disaster.

Our emergency restoration services include:

Our goal is to minimize the damage and restore your property as quickly as possible. We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that the restoration process is as efficient and effective as possible. We understand that disasters can be overwhelming, which is why we work closely with you to keep you informed throughout the restoration process.

If you are in need of emergency restoration services, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is standing by to help you get back on your feet after a disaster.

Top Home Restoration Services That Are Available 24/7

Restore your home to its former state after a fire, flood or storm by taking advantage of these services we offer:

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can creep up on you and by the time you notice, it may be too late. The key to minimizing damage is starting restoration as soon as possible. We have techniques and tools that allow us to detect and reverse water damage quickly and efficiently. This includes tracking the path the water takes following a flood or burst pipe. We use a moisture-detection system and dehumidifying equipment to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Mold Damage Prevention and Restoration

If you see mold growing in and around your home, water damage has taken its toll. Don’t worry. It’s not too late. With our mold removal and restoration services, we can get rid of all traces of the fungus along with its harmful spores. Even if you don’t see mold, but you notice a smell or otherwise suspect its presence in your home, get in touch with us for an inspection. We’ll give you a detailed report along with a plan of action to remove it.

Fire Damage Restoration

Get your property back to its original condition by contacting STOP Restoration services. We will arrive quickly and get to work immediately to ensure the damage does not spread. This includes removing debris, boarding up damaged sections, removing hazards, as well as cleaning and deodorizing every damaged room and your possessions. We will be there even in the midst of an emergency so you won’t have to wait for long.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazards can cause devastating health issues for you and your family. Our team adheres to strict safety protocols that can prevent the spread of bio-contaminants across your home. We understand that this type of damage can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Our technicians will put your mind at ease by delivering outstanding results. We will also keep you informed every step of the way so you can rest easy.

Get In Touch With STOP Restoration of Charlotte North Before It Is Too Late

At STOP Restoration of Charlotte North, we offer so much more than damage reversal and restoration. We also take measures to ensure your complete peace of mind. We are constantly training our cleanup crew and technicians in the latest and best restoration techniques so we can handle any restoration job easily and quickly. From initial cleanup to final repairs, you can leave everything to us so you can focus on rebuilding your life and finances.

Why Choose STOP Restoration Services for Your Home Damage Restoration Needs?

At STOP Restoration Services, we understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to deal with home damage caused by water, fire, mold, or other disasters. That's why we are committed to providing reliable and high-quality restoration services to homeowners in North Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your home damage restoration needs:

  • 24/7 emergency response: We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency restoration needs and minimize the damage to your property.
  • Experienced technicians: Our team of certified and experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to handle any type of home damage restoration project.
  • Advanced equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and effective restoration of your home and property.
  • Insurance assistance: We work with your insurance company to help you navigate the claims process and get the coverage you deserve.
  • Caring and compassionate service: We understand the emotional toll that home damage can take on you and your family, and we are committed to providing caring and compassionate service throughout the restoration process.

Don't wait until it's too late. If your home has suffered damage from water, fire, mold, or other disasters, call STOP Restoration Services today for immediate and reliable restoration services.

Learn more about our water damage, mold remediation, and other restoration services. Call (704) 312-1121

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