How Long Should You Wait to Clean Up After a Fire?

Many times fire claims can take a little while to process through your insurance company but it’s important that you begin drying the structure as quickly as possible to prevent structural problems or mold from all the excess moisture. Soot from fires is also generally acidic and can damage metal fixtures and in some cases stone countertops.

It’s important you document everything that’s being done so it’s best to have a professional come in, take photos, perform the immediate cleaning that is needed and set up a drying environment. All of this should be coordinated with your insurance provider and STOP can do this too.

Did any of your electronics get covered by the smoke and soot? If so, don’t turn them on to see if they still work! Once they are powered up the soot particles will be attracted to the electrical components and can severely damage the unit. Instead have a professional electronics restorer come and pick up the items to attempt restoration. They can usually salvage data from computers even if the machine can’t be saved. STOP will coordinate the pick-up and works with the best in the region.

Fires are devastating, you need someone who will walk you through the situation, clean up the problem and put things back together again. That’s what STOP is here to do.