Posts from October, 2014

  • How Long Should You Wait to Clean Up After a Fire? Many times fire claims can take a little while to process through your insurance company but it’s important that you begin drying the structure as quickly as possible to prevent structural problems or mold from all the excess moisture. Soot from fires is also generally ... Continue Reading
  • How Do You Know Who to Hire? Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard some crazy stories from property owners. Here are a couple red flags to watch out for when you’re looking to hire a contractor: High pressure tactics to get you to sign the contract Offer to increase the estimate so you don’t have to pay ... Continue Reading
  • Sometimes Salespeople Really Are Trying to Help You know how when you buy a washing machine and the sales person tries to upsell you for another $50-$70 for the braided steel water supply lines? Well, my advice is to go with it. We just came from a water loss in a basement where the rubber supply line ruptured and a ... Continue Reading
  • Fire Loss Here are some photos from a home that was damaged by fire. The fire was fairly well contained to one room but the smoke and soot will travel wherever the air currents take them and as long as they are present you’ll have that smoky smell. In this case we had to clean most of ... Continue Reading