What to Expect With a Water Loss

Once you suffer a water loss, here’s the basic flow for most projects.
First, stop the water. Generally you can shut off the main valve or if you need to go out to the street and shut it off there. If you’re on a well, go to the well and shut that valve.

If you aren’t able to shut off the water to the problem area or burst pipe, call a plumber. Call your insurance company. Then call STOP Restoration (336) 203-0739.

We’ll be out to evaluate the loss immediately and can begin extracting water the same day to help get your problem under control. We’ll set up dehumidifiers and air movers to speed the drying process. A technician will monitor your property daily and add, remove or relocate equipment to ensure things dry efficiently. Most water problems can be dried in less than a week.

Once the structure is dry, we will put your home back together just like it never happened and replace anything that was damaged by the water.

In most instances we can put your home back together in 1-2 weeks depending on how severe the damage was and availability of replacement items so you can get back to normal.