Posts from September, 2014

  • What Do You Do After the Fire Trucks Leave You’ve just suffered a fire loss, and thankfully you and your loved ones are safe. The next most important things to protect are your home and your belongings. Did the firemen have to break out windows to access the fire, is there a hole in the roof? You need to have someone ... Continue Reading
  • Mold Mold is a type of fungus. In most situations, it is completely harmless but in excessive amounts and conditions it can cause structural damage to buildings and severe health problems for people and can even impact our pets. Spores from mold are everywhere and thrive in warm, ... Continue Reading
  • What to Expect With a Water Loss Once you suffer a water loss, here’s the basic flow for most projects. First, stop the water. Generally you can shut off the main valve or if you need to go out to the street and shut it off there. If you’re on a well, go to the well and shut that valve. If you aren’t able ... Continue Reading