Leaky Toilet Damages Tile Flooring

Recently one of our neighbors had a small issue with a toilet overflowing onto their tile floor. They weren’t sure what to do so asked me to take a look. They have insurance through one of the companies we do a lot of work with so I spoke to their agent to understand their coverage to be sure to give them the best advice possible.

I went over to their home at a convenient time and evaluated what areas were wet and to determine how wide spread the issue was. We cut out a small section of ceiling below the leak and removed the wet insulation.

We found fairly high moisture content readings in the subfloor in a few areas around the leak but it was a very small area. The estimated damages were only a couple hundred dollars over their deductible so I advised them not to file a claim and then advised them on what to do to dry the area. I offered to set up my equipment but suggested they start with a couple of their own fans and a portable space heater to see if that would dry everything. If that didn’t do the trick, I told them to let me know and I would come back with my equipment to dry it thoroughly.

That’s the type of service we pride ourselves on. We do what is right for our customers first and foremost. Sometimes that means we advise them how to do a project themselves and sometimes that means we advise them to hire another specialist but you can be sure that whatever we recommend; it’s the best option for you.

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