The 6 Things You Need to do After Water Damages Your Home

1. Stop the water – the less water that comes in and soaks into things the better. Less water does less damage, spreads less and dries faster resulting in a much smaller problem. If you don’t know exactly how to stop the water, call (336) 203-0739 and we’ll walk you through it.
2. Call STOP Restoration! – No matter what caused the water damage, STOP Restoration can help. We can guide you through the process of working with your insurance carrier or if it’s not a covered loss, we can work with you directly to help minimize the damage and get the area cleaned up and back the way you want. Call us at 336-829-5345 any time day or night.
3. Relocate Valuables – a lot of valuables and antique furniture finishes don’t deal well with water. Older furniture is especially likely to stain carpets and suffer damage from exposure to water. Valuables like stock certificates, paintings, stamp collections, jewelry, firearms or China will often corrode or degrade with exposure to water or the contaminants sometimes associated with water losses.
4. Remove whatever water you can – The key here is get as much water up and out as quickly as you can. The longer it sits on the surface, the deeper it will penetrate into the material and require longer to dry. Water will continue to spread out as well so the longer it sits, the wider the affected area will become.
5. Perform demolition as needed – Sometimes it’s best to dry building materials and sometimes it’s best to remove them to prevent further damage to the structure. STOP Restoration’s technicians have been trained to handle these situations and have the real world experience to know what is best in each situation.
6. Dry the structure – Depending on what type of water damage has occurred we know just what equipment will be needed, how to set it up and will perform daily monitoring to ensure everything is working correctly.

Written by: Ben McDonald, Triad STOP Restoration – Winston-Salem, NC