Condo Makeover Leads to Quick Sale – Winston-Salem, NC

We have a great network of referral partners and one of our best is a realtor. He had a client looking to sell a condo in Winston-Salem. The condo hasn’t really been lived in for the past several years and hadn’t been updated in approximately 10-15 years. It’s in a nice location with good schools and the rest of the condos in the area seem to be well maintained and clean. Overall it’s a great place.
Our customer simply hasn’t had time to maintain or update the home due to taking care of aging parents and work. As a result, this unit had gotten into a state of slight disrepair. We were asked to provide an estimate to freshen up, including all new flooring, repainting all walls, updating the appliances, redoing the kitchen cabinets, as well as remodeling the master bathroom.

Our quote was within budget so we were hired to complete the project. The homeowner didn’t know what colors to select or what types of flooring would be best. He was just a bit overwhelmed with the options so the realtor and I got together with our samples and decided to update with laminate flooring in the living area, vinyl in the bathrooms and new carpet in the bedrooms and nice white for the kitchen cabinets, and a light sandy beige for the walls.

We had the refresh completed in approximately 3 weeks and added about $15,000 in value to the property. The bigger win for our customer was that it sold within 10 days of being listed!
Our customer was thrilled with the results. That was one less thing to worry about so he could focus on the care of his parents.

When you need to freshen up your home to get ready to sell give us a call at 336-829-5345. We offer reasonably priced estimates and more importantly will get you the results you need for a quicker sale. We’ll handle coordination of all the trades and suppliers and work with your realtor on the appropriate material selections for the price range of your home and the local market. We want your home to jump off the screen when buyers are looking at it and to highlight all the special features of your home for the next owner.

Written by: Ben McDonald, Triad STOP Restoration – Winston-Salem, NC