How Important Is It To Remove Mold From A Building

We’ve run into mold quite a bit over the last few weeks. In some cases it’s been directly related to a water loss, some were from the water used to put out a fire and in some cases it just happened to be in the same area but from a different cause. No matter what the cause of the mold, it’s extremely important to remove it.

Certain molds produce mycotoxins. These chemicals are a defense mechanism of the organism and they are imbedded in the cell wall. This is why removal of mold is the only recommended method of mold remediation. You may hear about chemicals that kill mold or different gasses that destroy it but ultimately, mold is still dangerous as long as it’s present in the environment (your home or business).

At Triad STOP Restoration we understand how important source removal is and have the training to do it safely without exposing you and your family to elevated exposure levels during remediation efforts. The other thing we do is insist that our customers hire an independent 3rd party to test the area after we’ve finished. This ensures that if we’ve missed something, the air samples and tape lifts will let us know that our job isn’t complete and the area isn’t safe yet. We won’t stop until it is safe again.

If you find mold or start smelling an earthy musty smell there’s a good chance we can help. Give Triad STOP Restoration a call at 336-829-5345. Our technicians have the experience and training to guide you through the process and are available any time of day.

Written By: Ben McDonald, Triad STOP Restoration – Winston-Salem, NC