Water Damage In Your Kitchen Can Ruin The Day – Winston-Salem

STOP Restoration is always ready to help those in need in Winston-Salem or the surrounding areas. Lately we’ve been handling more water damage in kitchens than anything else. Those tend to be expensive repairs but we’ve gotten pretty good at mitigating the costs and minimizing inconvenience for our customers over the last few years.

With fast action, our team is often able to save the cabinets. This is usually a big plus for our customers as well as the insurance carriers because many policies will only cover the affected cabinets and won’t always do anything for the upper cabinets or cabinets in another section of the room, like an island or a different wall.

In those cases where we can’t save the cabinets, we may be able to salvage sections of the cabinets so that when the repairs begin, new cabinet boxes can be built behind the original faces for a completely seamless finished look with no difference in finish, age or style.

Our last 2 kitchen projects were very different. The first happened while our customer was at church, their water supply line burst under the sink. They had custom site built cabinets made of solid wood. Luckily they were back home within a couple hours of the event and took action immediately removing water and starting to dry things out. When they realized it was wider spread than they could handle they called STOP Restoration.

My team was able to come in, remove the affected flooring, some of the sub floor, remove the wet ducts below the floor and open cavities for drying the cabinets and start the drying process. Because we were on the scene quickly and used the right equipment and expertise, we were able to save every cabinet in the kitchen. That saved weeks of inconvenience for the homeowner waiting on new cabinets, eliminated the need for them to be out of their home at a hotel and saved thousands of dollars for the insurance company. It was a win for everyone.

Our most recent kitchen loss was related to a dishwasher that had been leaking for quite a while. It was a small amount of water so took a long time for the homeowners to see any signs of trouble. Once the hardwood flooring started to buckle they knew they had a problem.

STOP Restoration was called in to assess the situation. We realized pretty quickly that the cabinet boxes themselves had been compromised and would require replacement. Our technician was able to remove the affected cabinets, save all the cabinet fronts and drawers and even detach a portion of the granite counter top for re-use later. Some of the flooring was contaminated with microbial growth so it was removed and discarded to be replaced later during the repair portion of the project. This was all done in just a couple hours and once the homeowners start repairs, they’ll be able to put everything back exactly how it was and their kitchen will match exactly again.

This is why I’m so proud of the company and those who work here. We strive every day to take bad situations and make them bearable, safe and put our customers on the right track for restoration.