STOP Restoration is Hiring!

Interested in a job helping people who are in a tough spot? Do you like being appreciated by your employer and customers? The restoration industry may just be the right spot for you. Most people don’t know about restoration, and no, it’s not historical restoration. We mitigate damage from losses like fires, water damage, mold, trauma and other issues that can happen with a building. It’s a lot like construction but a heavier emphasis on demolition, cleaning and customer care.

We’re looking for a really rare type of person who is able to fit into our company and drive results. We expect to be the best service provider in any industry and to do that we have exceptionally high standards and only hire the very best people. We are a team where everyone pulls their own weight and we’re all expected to produce results. Slackers don’t last long here but high performers thrive and can make a really nice living.

We’re currently looking for Crew Leaders.

We look for people who have a proven work history; who can keep a job more than 1 year at a time. Just as importantly we look for characteristics that fit our culture. We work exceptionally hard, fast, and detailed and do it all with a smile and a great attitude. We do everything possible to thrill our customers and make them feel good about hiring us.

Does this sound like a good fit for you? If so, please email your resume to