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  • STOP Restoration is Hiring! Interested in a job helping people who are in a tough spot? Do you like being appreciated by your employer and customers? The restoration industry may just be the right spot for you. Most people don’t know about restoration, and no, it’s not historical restoration. We ... Continue Reading
  • Big Responsibility Being in the mitigation business has its highs and lows and, if done correctly, can be extremely rewarding. This is where you can greatly impact the outcome of the entire situation and make a difference in the life of your client. You get to meet a lot of great people but, ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Common Problems of Water Damage As homeowners, we invest a lot of time and money into making our homes look and feel the way we want. However, we sometimes overlook the day-to-day maintenance until it festers and creates an avoidable problem. When left alone, presumably insignificant water leaks can result ... Continue Reading
  • Soft Skills There’s a lot that goes into being a good mitigation contractor aside from being good at cleaning up a mess. A good mitigation contractor must possess all the technical skills necessary to do the job but also possess the customer service skills needed to help guide the ... Continue Reading
  • What to do with personal contents after an insurance claim in Winston Salem, NC When a homeowner suffers a loss to their property, one of the first things an insurance company must do is put a value on getting that property back to its pre-loss condition. Not only does the structure have to be restored but all the policyholder’s belongings affected by ... Continue Reading
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