Water damages hardwoods in Winston-Salem

We’re truly fortunate and very blessed to live in such a wonderful community. As such, we see a lot of very nice homes damaged by water, fire, smoke, mold and bio contamination.  In this particular case; we were assisting a homeowner with a water loss from a laundry that affected most of the first floor of their home.

Water had been overflowing the laundry sink while the property owners were out shopping for an afternoon. Like most people, they took action right away to pull up what water they could and try to dry things out. Unfortunately, it had really gotten under a good portion of hardwood flooring. Over the next few days, while the surface appeared dry, the boards started cupping as the edges of the boards absorbed moisture and swelled up.

They called their insurance company and STOP Restoration to inspect the water damage to see what could be done.This was nearly 5 days after the initial water damage occurred so there was quite a bit of visible damage to the wood floors. We knew some areas of the floor would have to come out completely but were able to save most of the lumber. Unfortunately, they let it sit too long and was so badly cupped that even after it was dry it didn’t all lay back down so they had to have a hardwood flooring company come in and sand and refinish the home.

Whenever water gets onto hardwoods it will find a way down below the boards into the subfloor if it’s left long enough. While it’s there, it will continue to spread and wick up into the flooring. When you have water damaged hardwoods, give us a call day or night. STOP Restoration has a great track record of acting quickly and saving hardwoods. In many cases after we finish the drying process, the whole area needs no repairs and lays back down naturally.

It’s important to combat water damage as soon as it is noticed in order to minimize the overall cost. For all of your water damage needs call STOP Restoration at (336) 203-0739.