Emergency Response to a Water Leak

In everyday life, we are conditioned to shop around for what we want. It only makes sense to look for the item or service that strikes your fancy and then typically look to see if the price is reasonable. However, in the world of emergency response, you do not often know the price of the service before the job can begin. In fact, it is very rare that you do. Mitigation contractors understand that this is a part of the territory, sometimes damages to a property can’t be assessed based on simple inspection. A water spot on your wall could appear small and insignificant until we begin cutting deeper into the affected area. When considering a company, especially in contracting there are a few key factors that should play a role in your decision; reputation, licensing, quality of work, and pricing. Pricing seems to be the overarching concern for most people, and rightfully so-after experiencing a loss, the last thing that you want is to be overcharged or to be surprised by a bill your insurance carrier won’t cover.

Our team is often asked if we give estimates on how much a loss is going to cost, we try our best to not throw numbers out there. This is not to be deceptive, however, in the world of mitigation most of the damage is below the surface so isn’t visible until the project begins. Especially with water losses, until demolition is complete, we really can’t even estimate how much equipment will be needed for drying.

At Triad STOP Restoration we understand that once a loss has occurred in a home or business, the property owner is usually experiencing an increased level of stress and anxiety- our goal is to take some of that burden away from them by mitigating the issue in order for it to not get any worse. This means that our first step is to remove water or damaged material and then place equipment to begin drying. Once that is finished, our team will typically begin working with an insurance adjuster, providing them with photos of the affected areas and explaining the necessary work that was performed on the job. This means, that we cannot provide our customers with an upfront flat fee for how much the job will cost in its entirety. We simply don’t know what all has to be done or how long materials will take to dry.

As a locally owned and operated franchise in Winston-Salem and also serving Greensboro, High Point, Lexington, and Thomasville, integrity is something that we value tremendously. The last thing that we want to do is take advantage of our clients. That is why we work so hard to communicate with everyone involved in order to let them know what is likely covered by their insurance company and what will be the property owner’s responsibility. The customer is usually expected to pay their deductible amount and then from there the insurance company will either pay us or their customer directly for covered losses.