Things That You Need to Know About Mold

“You can clean up mold with a solution of bleach and water.” 

You may be able to kill a lot of the mold with bleach but that doesn’t remove the spores which are just as hazardous.  Without removing the source of moisture, those spores will germinate and it will be back again and continue to spread. 

“Mold is toxic and life threatening.”   

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that helps break down dead organic matter. Some molds are extremely toxic but luckily these are fairly rare.  Mold is everywhere – in the air we breathe and on just about every surface we come into contact with.  The small amounts we naturally come into contact with each day is usually not a problem for healthy people but in high concentrations it can trigger or worsen existing conditions like hay fever and allergies. Overexposure can lead to respiratory and sinus problems as well as greater difficulty with asthma. 

“Basements will always smell a little musty.” 

Your basement should smell the same as the rest of your home.  As mold consumes organic material like wood, paper, cotton and wool it produces that “musty” odor we all associate with mold.  If you can smell it that means the mold is at a fairly high level and you should investigate to locate the source. 

When mold contamination exists in or around Winston Salem, Greensboro, or High Point, Triad STOP Restoration provides residential and commercial customers with mold remediation services, including free mold inspection and, when needed, mold remediation as well as recommendations to prevent future growth from occurring.  Our expert technicians follow the most up-to-date industry standards and have extensive training in the field, so you can trust STOP Restoration to remediate mold issues properly.  We can also recommend precautions to prevent further contamination or exposure prior to the project starting.