Posts from July, 2020

  • Humidity Causing Mold Growth? Summer is quickly approaching and with all of those wonderful thunderstorms comes humidity. Throughout the summer months, we see an increase in three particular types of losses. But not to fear, Triad STOP Restoration is here to help! With over 4 decades of restoration ... Continue Reading
  • Things That You Need to Know About Mold “You can clean up mold with a solution of bleach and water.” You may be able to kill a lot of the mold with bleach but that doesn’t remove the spores which are just as hazardous. Without removing the source of moisture, those spores will germinate and it will be back again ... Continue Reading
  • Emergency Response to a Water Leak In everyday life, we are conditioned to shop around for what we want. It only makes sense to look for the item or service that strikes your fancy and then typically look to see if the price is reasonable. However, in the world of emergency response, you do not often know the ... Continue Reading