Humidity Causing Mold Growth?

Summer is quickly approaching and with all of those wonderful thunderstorms comes humidity. Throughout the summer months, we see an increase in three particular types of losses. But not to fear, Triad STOP Restoration is here to help! With over 4 decades of restoration services, we are confident that we can assist with any issues that the Triad area is facing!

Loss Number One: Mold In The Crawlspace-  The mixture of higher temperatures and humidity cause a greater chance of mold growth during the summer months. Our team has a third-party mold testing company that identifies the type of mold present and then we can go about removing or treating any affected areas.

Loss Number Two: Pool House Issues- We see a lot of water from malfunctioning pumps that can cause traumatic water losses and wet pool-goers entering and exiting the area.  They can create small pockets of dampness and mold issues as well.

Loss Number Three: Vacation Home – It is also common that we hear from clients who have returned to their vacation home and found mold due to the HVAC system being turned off or set incorrectly allowing humidity to build inside the home.

The way we dry out water losses changes a little bit during the summer months as well. We use the client’s HVAC system as a dehumidifier for the unaffected areas, that way our dehumidifiers are more efficient in the drying of the affected areas. If you or one of your clients are property owners in Winston-Salem, High Point, Kernersville, Greensboro, Lexington, or Thomasville- Call S.T.O.P. We Can Take it From Here! (336) 829-5345