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The Debilitating Effects of Mold and Mold Spores on Human Health

Homeowners do not only hate mold, but also mold spores and the effects of mold for its potent ability to decrease the value of their houses. Mold is also dreaded for the debilitating effects it can have on human health. It smells similar to mildew and is generally greenish-black in appearance. Mold spores are present in microscopic quantities in homes, but it becomes a health concern as it grows. The pace with which mold spores grows can, at times, be astounding.

Mold and mold spores can grow from barely noticeable to a conspicuous blot on the site in a matter of 3 days. However, the effects of mold can begin impacting your health long before it grows to this prominent stage. Below are some of the debilitating impacts the effect of mold can have on your health.

Break Out in a Rash

According to estimates, about 50 million people are affected by respiratory allergies every year in the United States alone. Mold and mold spores can make that condition worse for all those suffering from respiratory allergies. Mold spores find their way into the nasal cavity and worsen allergies which then lead to rashes, bumps, and symptoms that can look similar to hives.

Even if you’re generally healthy with no history of respiratory or other allergic issues, mold and mold spores can still cause irritation in the lungs and lead to a cough. According to health experts, wheezing and cough are often the first sign that a body has been exposed to enough amount of mold and mold spores to cause airway restrictions.

Respiratory Illness

The presence of mold and mold spores can be particularly debilitating for those with a weakened or compromised immune system. Those with a weakened immune system such as patients with asthma, ALS or Crohn’s disease may be affected more severely than others as mold and mold spores can cause worsening breathing problems and respiratory restrictions.

Mold May Lead to Asthma

Even for a healthy individual, the constant exposure to mold and mold spores can lead to the development of asthma, and leave them with a lifelong breathing condition. Asthma, under certain conditions, can even be life threatening. According to Mayo Clinic, children who have been exposed to mold and or mold spores are at an increased risk of developing asthma or suffering from aggravating symptoms of asthma.

Itchy or Irritated Eyes

Even if you are not particularly allergic to mold and or mold spores, you can still experience some annoying and irritating symptoms from inhaling the mold spores. This could result in red, irritated, and watery eyes. Therefore, if your eyes get waterier and are itchier than usual; and there isn’t another obvious reason it may be time to check the air quality or look for visible signs of mold around your house or office etc. You need to call and hire a professional IICRC certified company like STOP Restoration (STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780) base in Framingham MA to remove the mold safely. We are an IICRC certified Firm- safe, quality, and compassionate service is our priority!

Remember, mold can start impacting the health of people around the house before it becomes visible.