4 Reasons Why You Might Be Greeted to a Kitchen Flood in the Morning

It’s a regular Monday morning. You get up, freshen up and then wake the kids for school. As they are getting ready, you head towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As you step in through the door, your foot lands in water. Startled, you look down and see the entire kitchen flooded.

So, what happened?

Before you go in further, we suggest that you take a step back if you find yourself in such a situation. There are too many electrical appliances, and the risk of getting electrocuted is too high.

To answer your question – if you look around, you will find a couple of big and small appliances that use a lot of water.

1.The Kitchen Sink

We are not talking about the drip-drop you hear at night. That’s just a faulty washer, which hardly causes a flood. No, the real culprit can be found under the sink. Maybe the pipe connection under the sink has come loose or the rust and scale build up has caused perforations in it. Plastic and copper pipes both are vulnerable to cracks over time. So, inspect your plumbing pipes at least twice a year to make sure that there are no leaks in the pipes leading to the kitchen. Better call a professional for this job because he will be able to tell you if there is a leak and the source of it.

2.Built-In Ice Maker

Most people like to install built-in ice makers in their refrigerator for quick access to cold water. These appliances are not reliable and are prone to leaks. If you have installed such an appliance in your house, do check for any kinks or breaks in the hose. When installing the appliance, keep a light hand when tightening the nuts. Lastly, keep a 4-inch space between the refrigerator’s back and the wall to prevent the ice maker from being jostled.


Dishwashers can turn into a huge water leaking machine if they are over filled with crockery. Usually a dishwasher leaks because the point of connection from the water supply pipe to the back of this appliance comes loose. This can cause a huge problem in the kitchen, such as warped flooring.

4.Under-Sink Systems

Water purifiers installed under the sink have a short life. If the filter is not replaced in time, the system will clog and leak. If you buy a water filter made of cheap plastic, then you will be greeted to a flooded kitchen once every month.

When you have such appliances in your kitchen, it’s important to inspect them every now and then to make sure there won’t be any future problems. If you find your kitchen flooded, the first thing you should do is close the main water valve to stop further water wastage and then turn off the electricity supply to prevent any accidents.

Once you have dealt with the surface water, call for professional cleaning services. A wet floor can lead to mold and numerous health problems. STOP Restoration is a cleaning and restoration company that provides its services in Providence, Cadence, East Las Vegas and many other areas. Make a quick call to S.T.O.P. at (702) 803-3094 for emergency cleaning services.