How Termites Can Damage Your Home

The natural world presents a number of threats to your house. One of those prime threats is a termite infestation. Termites are insects which live in huge colonies and resemble ants though they are not related in the slightest.

Termites pose a great threat to your house since termites are primarily consumers of dead plant matter. As long as something has organic plant origins, termites will readily consume it.

Home termite damage is one of the leading causes for houses requiring major repair or reconstruction work. This is because when termites attack, it is usually a whole colony that infests your house. This colony burrows and takes up residence in your home through a small opening and goes on to damage everything it comes into contact with. It then starts chewing and consuming the wood of your house’s structure and slowly spreads. If not caught in time, a termite colony can cause catastrophic home termite damage.

1. Sullied Appearance

As a termite colony moves along a wooden structure, it leaves pathways and tunnel like formations on the walls. These resemble branching structures and have a color like cement. They look very unappealing and ruin the aesthetic sense and cleanliness of your house. These tunnels are made from chewed up and consumed wood so the worst part is that the entire wall section will need to be replaced. It is not a simple matter of just scraping these tunnels off since the damage has already been done.

2. Damaged Integrity

Termites pose a very real threat to your safety and the security of your house. By itself, a termite is harmless and can’t even bite. What it does in a colony, however, is what is dangerous.

As they tunnel and burrow through the wood, they weaken the structural integrity and stability of wooden beams and floorboards. This makes it much more likely for accidents like putting your foot through the floorboard or part of the roof or wall collapsing.

It can exacerbate water damage if water leakage occurs since the water will now have much more properly developed channels to travel through. Worst case scenario, if an infestation has been going on for a long time, the threats are endless, and you could even witness pieces of your roof falling down to the ground.

3. Lowered Property Value

A termite infestation can drastically reduce the value of your property and practically make it unsellable. This highlights the fear of a termite infestation and how seriously people view it as a nuisance. You can lose out massively on your substantial investment should you be able to sell it at all. A thoroughly deep anti-termite sweep will be needed and you’ll have to pay for expensive repairs and renovations before you can think about putting your house up for sale.


If you catch the signs of a termite infestation in time, you can protect yourself from suffering massive home termite damage. In case you suspect termites or need help with an infestation or post-cleanup repair work, then contact STOP Restoration (STOP) MESA at 480-818-1440. Our team has a long history and experience of reversing any and all kinds of home damage including termites.

One call to us and we will ensure you never have to worry about termites coming back for a long time.