You Get What You Pay For – Winston-Salem, NC

We all hear a lot of sales pitches these days and in many cases they offer something for free. Sometimes it’s a promotional discount, interest free financing or free goods and in the construction industry it’s usually free estimates. We all know that it costs money to have an estimator come and evaluate a property. Some companies see this as a cost of doing business or simply a way to get into the home to deliver a high pressure close and get the contract signed.

Triad STOP Restoration is different. We know that no one likes being sold, if it’s a good idea and good value, most people will see that and agree to move forward on a project. Sometimes they’re just starting the process and want to get several estimates before they can decide. It’s usually more than just a price that people are evaluating. Our customers are opening their homes and their lives to our team. We understand that we will likely be a part of their lives for several weeks during the project and take that very seriously. Our technicians have uniforms and name tags and will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

Because we like to be clear and upfront with everyone, we do charge for quotes. The prices range based on the complexity of the project, but most cost right around $100-$150. What we provide is a lot more detailed than the typical back of the envelope contractor quotes. We will provide a line item detailed report showing the room layout and exactly what we’re planning to do in each room and you can see the cost associated with each and every line item. Once we’re hired, the quote fee is applied to the cost of the project so it’s really more of a down payment and you don’t lose that money. In most cases our quotes are exactly that – a quote to complete the project. The exception to this is in situations where we need to perform some demolition to know the extent of the damage inside a wall cavity – usually this is more related to mold remediation or smoke clean up.

If you’d like to work with a professional construction company that values you as well as our reputation, give us a call (336) 203-0739.