STOP Restoration Sanitizes Pool Facilities

A local neighborhood suffered a massive increase in pink eye, ear infections, skin rashes and intestinal issues this summer. As the neighbors started talking they realized that the common denominator was the neighborhood pool.

After a little investigation, it became clear that the chemical levels in the pool had not been maintained. The pool management company came in and shocked the pools twice. After that some areas were still not completely safe and the health department recommended that they treat it as worst-case scenario. They were advised to drain all pools and sanitize the facility. This was a little overwhelming so the owner of the pool management company contacted STOP Restoration and asked for help.

They were concerned that everything people might have touched was also contaminated and asked what should be done. They know pools and how to maintain and sanitize them but weren’t sure what to do about the other areas. We consulted with them on how we would go about sanitizing the area.

Our recommendation was for us to treat all restrooms, the concessions area, outdoor furniture handrails and the pools themselves once they were drained. That was a bit more than they wanted to do and felt that the pool chemicals could be used to treat most areas. We agreed to a scope of work that would be most cost effective and the fastest possible turn around that would have things safe for the residents again.

STOP Restoration was back that same night to apply a sanitizer to restrooms, the concession area and a meeting room. The pool management company was going to use the pool sanitizers on the outdoor furniture, pool deck and pools themselves.

Within 24 hours of being contacted the entire facility was sanitized and ready to be re-filled. No matter what type of contamination you’re dealing with, STOP Restoration can help. Call us when you need a hand cleaning up.