Posts from 2018

  • STOP Restoration Sanitizes Pool Facilities A local neighborhood suffered a massive increase in pink eye, ear infections, skin rashes and intestinal issues this summer. As the neighbors started talking they realized that the common denominator was the neighborhood pool. After a little investigation, it became clear ... Continue Reading
  • Improper Mitigation After Flood Leads to Big Expense in High Point Apartments, NC We are currently working for a landlord of some apartments. Their property sits downhill from the street and in one of the torrential thunderstorms we had recently they suffered a flood. Because the water came from outside over the ground there was no coverage in her ... Continue Reading
  • What Water Damage Really Looks Like Most people have never experienced a water loss or really understand just what to expect from a mitigation contractor so I wanted to take a second to show everyone just what we do. Most of the time, water damage is not that visible to the naked eye. We have to use thermal ... Continue Reading
  • Noisy Floors! We live in a fairly new home and had an excellent builder. Our crawlspace was leveled, clean, and has a well installed vapor barrier. The windows don’t leak and our roof sheds water like a duck’s back. We noticed after a couple years, our hardwoods on the main floor had some ... Continue Reading
  • Is My Loss Covered? Ultimately this will be up to your adjuster based on your situation and your coverage. At STOP Restoration, we aren’t adjusters but we know a lot of them and work with them just about every day. The simplest way to understand coverage is to look for “sudden” and “accidental” ... Continue Reading