No Job Too Big

A lot of companies say they can handle any size project but when something large comes up they may not have the ability or expertise to execute it efficiently. We really pride ourselves on systems and processes at STOP Restoration and that’s because they work on any sized project and they help us scale up or down to accommodate the needs of each project.

When one of our large health care customers bought an unoccupied building they knew they had some moisture problems and a few areas of microbial growth. They had microbial testing done and found that the facility had become contaminated with mold growth throughout. Once they realized the scale of the project, they needed a partner they could trust who could do the job right and ensure that future patients were safe.

We help them quite a bit with water damage and microbial growth issues that they run into so they asked if we could handle a project this large and complex. We reviewed the site and worked closely with their hygienist to develop a workable plan to address what we knew needed done and allowed flexibility to address unknown issues. Once the protocol was written, we determined all equipment and labor needed and brought in our large loss crew. Within a few days, we had two tractor-trailers full of equipment and 50 trained workers on site.

Once work began, the scope of the project changed drastically. We discovered that in addition to the known roof leaks, the perimeter walls were leaking. This meant removing significantly more drywall, and substantially more cleaning than was expected in the original protocol but we didn’t want to delay the upfit of the facility so we worked our teams 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to stay on track.

As sections of the building were cleared by the hygienist we sealed them from the rest of the building and let the construction crews start working within those areas.

Our initial estimate and work scope was 3 weeks to have half of the 56,000 square foot facility ready for the upfit. Because of great teamwork and having a well-trained crew we did roughly three times the amount of demolition and cleaning and were able to have the whole building cleared in 29 calendar days. Keeping people safe is our priority and it shows in our work. That’s why health care providers can trust STOP Restoration.