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Posts from 2018

  • Call Early – STOP the Water Damage! A flood in your home from a broken pipe or leaking water supply line, for example, is stressful. Property disasters, big and small, are guaranteed to happen at the most inopportune time because we don’t make it a habit to allow time for emergency disasters to occur – how ... Continue Reading
  • Safe Practices in Emergency Water Damage It’s Just Rain Water, Right? – Flood Water Contaminants When we hear “flood,” we tend to recall the massive flood disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Harvey. These storms have caused unbelievable devastation in communities, and enormous resources ... Continue Reading
  • Safe Practices in Emergency Water Damage Don’t Risk It – Electric Shock A flooded basement is never a planned event. Often, the basement is not the busiest room and a broken water pipe or leaking water heater may go unnoticed for several hours, even days, causing more water destruction and property loss. Water ... Continue Reading
  • Reducing the Risk of Third Hand Smoke Exposure My Dad smoked tobacco from when he was very young to the day he had his 5 th (and last) heart attack at 57 years old. I recall frequent ear and respiratory infections, bouts of pneumonia, and several other symptoms as a child now recognized as potentially attributed to ... Continue Reading