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Water Damage Restoration: Not a DIY Project

Not all water damage progresses the same. Water creates and follows a multitude of pathways and with varying levels of intensity. The water damage may not look bad. Water follows the path of least resistance, often not detected because it is behind the drywall or under the flooring, until the damage, like mold growth or dry rot, causes even more damage from water leaks or burst pipes.

You may feel “handy” and equipped enough to remove the water and dry the floors or walls by yourself. While this may be true in certain water damage events, if you prefer to be safe rather than sorry, it is recommended to have a professional, like STOP Restoration, assess the moisture content in the wall, floor, etc. and take appropriate action based on the results.

It Is Not Safe

For a number of reasons, it is unsafe to dive into the water damage repair effort yourself. First, there is the risk of potentially fatal electrocution. There may be open wires submerged in the water or there may be an appliance that may cause a short circuit and put your safety in jeopardy. Second, there are different natures of water damage depending upon the source of water. If you have a category 3 water damage situation with flood water or sewage water invading your property, it is unsafe to expose you and others to this contaminated water. The storm water and sewage backflow are laden with bacteria, diseases, chemicals, and harmful chemical agents that can expose you to serious health hazards. Therefore, it is best to call STOP Metrowest at 508-753-3780 to ensure safe, emergency water removal using the appropriate protective equipment and safest, most effective cleaning products.

You Do Not Have the Necessary Equipment

Imagine yourself trying to remove the flood water, cleaning every damp nook and cranny, then drying out all the areas and removing contaminants that may cause mold growth. How do you know the floor and subfloor are dry? Whether the water is clean or dirty, drying and applying the right products to help prevent mold contamination is critical. STOP brings industrial grade water extraction and drying equipment to remove and restore the property back to pre-loss condition.

Water Damage Is Not Always Visible

Water damage may not always be glaringly obvious to the untrained eye. You may assume some area to be undamaged while, in reality, it may be damaged by water. This will only go on to compound problems for you in the future. For example, mold or other bacteria could grow in a span of few days in the area that had been overlooked. One of the most critical parts of water damage restoration is ensuring that all wet material, including carpet, hardwood floors, joist systems, etc is dried to normal limits. This can only be achieved with the sensitive moisture detection equipment that companies like STOP Restoration based in Framingham MA are equipped with.

For personal safety and building safety, water damage restoration is best left to professionals.

STOP Metrowest is an IICRC Certified Firm - safe, quality, and compassionate service is our priority! We provide 24/7 emergency water removal and restoration of any water damage related issues in Framingham MA or other Metrowest MA communities like Newton MA, Wellesley MA, and Wayland MA. Call STOP Restoration (STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780) based in Framingham MA.