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Posts from May, 2019

  • Preventing Water Damage There are a number of ways water can invade your property and cost you the mess and financial damages that may be avoidable if you apply preventative measures such as the ones described in this text. STOP Restoration has compiled a list of water damage prevention ... Continue Reading
  • ASSESSING FOR MOLD PROBLEMS STOP Restoration (STOP), based in Framingham MA, frequently answers the call to determine if there is a mold problem as well as to get rid of mold. Mold may be difficult to spot. People call STOP Metrowest (508-753-3780) when they detect a moldy smell or a mildewy smell in ... Continue Reading
  • The Debilitating Effects of Mold and Mold Spores on Human Health Homeowners do not only hate mold, but also mold spores and the effects of mold for its potent ability to decrease the value of their houses. Mold is also dreaded for the debilitating effects it can have on human health. It smells similar to mildew and is generally ... Continue Reading
  • Telltale Signs of Water Damage Water damage and water damage clean up can cost thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements and loss of value. Even though it is a very slow process, the sooner water damage or signs of water damage is spotted, the better you will be able to manage it. If you notice ... Continue Reading
  • Common Signs of Water Damage – Flooded Basement Common Signs of Water Damage – Flooded Basement Water damage like flooded basements from burst pipes and even broken water heaters brings costly repairs especially if left unresolved. A quick call (508-753-3780) to STOP Restoration (STOP Metrowest) in Framingham, MA for ... Continue Reading
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