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STOP Restoration (STOP), based in Framingham MA, frequently answers the call to determine if there is a mold problem as well as to get rid of mold. Mold may be difficult to spot. People call STOP Metrowest (508-753-3780) when they detect a moldy smell or a mildewy smell in the home or workplace. Often times, they experience allergic symptoms from mold sensitivities and mold allergies so the chance that the mold is lurking somewhere is usually accurate. Common methods to assess for mold include asking if anyone has had allergy-like symptoms, smelled a musty, mildew odor, or seen what looks like mold.

Mold Sensitivities

Many people have no reaction to mold spores even when there is visible mold. For others, mold sensitivities may show up with symptoms similar to allergies, such as itchy, watery eyes; stuffy, runny nose; itchy throat; cough; and/or dry, itchy skin. In other cases, people may have a strong allergic reaction such as chest tightness and trouble breathing and even experience anaphylactic shock due to mold spores. Mold sensitivity is certainly not a nuisance to ignore or brush off.

Visible Mold Growth

Sometimes the mold growth is very visible especially if there was known water damage from a water leak or flood in the past that was not cleaned up and dried appropriately. The area became an ideal environment for growing mold. As long as mold spores have oxygen, moisture, and an organic food source, it will thrive and grow rapidly until contained and treated correctly.

Indoor Air Quality Test / Mold Test

When STOP cannot spot any type of microbial growth (e.g. mold) in an initial scan of the area, we recommend an indoor air quality test be performed by a licensed, insured, and credentialed professional (e.g. industrial hygienist, mold inspector, etc). The indoor air quality tests and mold tests provide information regarding the type of mold and spore count. If the results are concerning, the mold report will also provide recommendations and/or protocols for the mold remediation.

Visualize Behind the Wall

STOP may make a small hole in the wall and use a borescope (with a video camera) to assess behind the wall in the most likely place for the mold growth. We give the property owner the option to have STOP use a small scope and camera to look for mold, but the decision is made by the property owner.

History of Water Damage or Poor Ventilation

One of the telltale signs of potential mold in any situation is a history of water damage. Flooded basements that were not professionally dried by a company like STOP Metrowest may have left enough moisture to promote microbial growth. Slow water leaks from appliances or bathtubs are common sources of moldy areas. If a building or house has poor ventilation coupled with a humid environment like Metrowest Massachusetts, mold is given the opportunity to grow. Have you been to your attic lately? Mold in the attic is a frequent site due to poor ventilation especially in older homes.

Remember, mold may impact the health of people around the house or workplace before it becomes visible. Mold remediation is serious business. Companies like STOP put safety first when it comes to removing mold from any commercial or residential property. Proper training and education backed by the highest standards of practice, up-to-date equipment, personal protective equipment and safest products is key to mold remediation. Call STOP Restoration (STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780) based in Framingham MA.