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Telltale Signs of Water Damage

Water damage and water damage clean up can cost thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements and loss of value. Even though it is a very slow process, the sooner water damage or signs of water damage is spotted, the better you will be able to manage it. If you notice water damage or signs of water damage early, the hassle and the cost incurred will both be minimal.

So, what are the tell-tale signs of water damage? And how can you spot a water leak that may cause water damage?

Read on to find out.

Smells and Odors

Look out for musty and mildewy odors that are characteristic of damp and wet areas. After increased exposure to water, a certain smell develops which can be hard to miss. If you feel like something smells weird, you shouldn’t ignore it. STOP Restoration (STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780), based in Framingham MA, recommends having your house inspected for signs of leaks and water damage.

Discoloration and Stains

Signs of water damage are often noticeable as a stain on a wall or ceiling. It will blemish or discolor the paint on the wall or ceiling. This occurs when a sporadic leak wets part of the wall or ceiling. However, signs of water damage may not be noticeable in a leaky roof until several days have passed and the moisture in the wall has dried.

Peeling and Cracking Paint

You may not be able to spot any staining or discoloration if the wall is not able to dry completely. In such a scenario, the biggest sign of water damage is when part of the wall, typically the sheetrock/drywall, starts to swell. The bulging of the wall will cause paint to peel off. In such cases, the likely culprit is often a leaking pipe, leaking heat register, or a similar plumbing issue causing the water damage.

Mold and Mold Spores

Water damage may also manifest itself in the form of mold as a leak behind a wall is invisible and difficult to spot. Mold and mold spores are cause for serious concern and should not be taken lightly. Mold and mold spores can lead to several health issues for you and others in the area around the mold.

Unexplainably High-Water Bills

There may be no obvious signs or indications of water damage to your property, but a higher than usual water bill without an explanation may also be a sign of an unseen water leakage. If your water bill comes back significantly higher than before, keep an eye out for possible signs of water damage and start looking for leaks and other plumbing issues.

In summary, water damage may not always be as obvious as damage caused by a flood, but there are a number of other indicators such as presence of mold, peeling walls, unexplained high-water bills or smells that should alert you of the possibility of water damage. These indicators help you quickly identify a problem and call the experts like STOP Restoration (STOP MetroWest) base in Framingham MA to help clean up the water damage and provide restoration and repairs services. Other counter measures will be provide as needed to fix the problem by STOP Restoration (STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780) based in Framingham MA.