Water damageUnfortunately, there are some so-called professionals that have very little certified industry training on the subject of water damage, fire, smoke, mold and other issues that tend to fall toward professional restoration companies. I’m not trying to discredit the entire restoration industry or suggest that most people want to “do it on the cheap” when water damage hits. Quite the opposite is true. There are a number of quality restoration services available to you in the Katy, TX area. The goal of this blog is to give you the tools you need to wisely address your water damage emergency. A do it yourself approach may also be a long shot, Plan B as you learn more about the challenges of restoration and the pieces to the entire puzzle.

The things you do right away can mean the difference of thousands of dollars and days, if not weeks, of inconvenience. Even if covered by insurance, your policy may state that you have a responsibility to allow professional service the chance to save as much as possible. As a house sits wet, the cost of returning to pre-loss condition increases.

Here’s the little-known fact about water damage, which is the most common cause of mold contamination in residential buildings: Water doesn’t necessarily damage your home. Time is really the culprit. If you had a magical way of immediately drying your home after sustaining water damage, everything would be fine. But your house can’t endure contact with water for any extended period of time. So it’s the combination of water and time that brings the headaches and the damage to your home and your belongings.

After a house flood, water soaks into carpeting, into walls, and seeps into tight spaces (even through cracks in your home’s framing). It evades evaporation while making a “soup” or “tea” with everything it comes into contact with. Clean water isn’t clean if it makes contact with carpeting that has pet stains. I use the word “stains” to be nice. We all know what I mean here. We use the term water damage emergency because we encourage those that have just discovered water in any room of their home to act quickly.

There are scores of contaminants in flooring, carpeting, framing, drywall and let’s not forget live and dead biological things like dust mites and skin cells. Houses are dirty, no matter how clean those who live there are. Standing water spreads these contaminants throughout the wet area. Pretty gross, huh? We hope we are making a case for you to seek expert restoration service. It really will be your best, overall plan. Any money a person might save by spending the next week working their fingers on a DIY water damage project is usually lost by the inability or the knowledge of implementing a professional drying plan, which also requires professional grade equipment.

Service Team of Professionals (“STOP”) is a national franchise organization with offices in 21 states. STOP of Katy is here to answer your questions about water damage in your home or commercial building and to promise expert service if we can be of assistance. Call (713) 597-4850.