Trauma Clean Up and Decontamination: Find out Who You Should Be Calling!

Recovery and restoration after an unattended death of a family member can be too much to handle for people. The longer the body has been left to decompose; the greater the damage that will be to the structure of the home. This can put your family at risk, especially if there are biohazards present at the scene as well. This is where you need to acquire professional trauma clean up and decontamination services, who will take all the responsibility off your shoulders.

What is an Unattended Death?

Unattended death often occurs when a person dies without any witness, whether it is through suicide, murder, or by natural causes. The biggest concern involved with these deaths, is the length of time that has passed away from the moment of death, till the body was found. It may sound insensitive, or unpleasant to think about, but when a person dies, the body starts the decomposition process naturally.

During the decomposition, the body will begin self-digesting, and the bacteria will escape through the intestinal tract. It will only take a couple of hours, before your home will be completely ruined, which is why it is important that you get in touch with a professional remediation company, like STOP Restoration to properly handle unattended death restoration.

What materials need to be removed?

The materials that need to removed generally depend on the nature of the death, whether it has been natural/murder/suicide. If any furniture or part of the house has been contaminated by blood, then you will definitely need to replace them. The length of time the dead body is in the house also plays a role in what materials need to removed, and it is best to leave it to the professionals.

At STOP Restoration we have protective equipment, and follow the proper disinfection and safety procedures in order to restore affected areas of the house. We also deodorize the entire home, so that any lingering odors are also eliminated from the house. It may seem insensitive but in order to restore your home after the unattended death of a loved one, you shouldn’t wait around.

What materials need to be removed?

Trauma cleanup and decontamination is challenging, since specialists need to act fast so that the bacteria doesn’t embed in the structure. When a person passes away in a home and isn’t found for days or even weeks that is when it gets difficult to figure out what materials need to be removed. The family affected, will definitely not be having it easy, when dealing with a trauma cleanup.

Even the smallest biological material or airborne bacteria can impact on the safety and well-being of future occupants. Personal properly such as carpeting, books, clothes, and furniture are ruined forever within a few days.

How do we dispose of them?

At STOP Restoration we are fully experienced, insured, and licensed trauma cleanup and decontamination experts. We will remove personal property and any structural elements affected by the death, like flooring and dispose them according to biohazard regulations.