Tips for Cleaning and Drying Water Damage from Your Home

Are you looking to dry up water damage in your home? It doesn’t matter whether the water came from flooding, rising water from the rain, or from a burst pipe in the wall, you need to act fast and prevent further damage. First of all, you need to take the right step to clean and dry the water damage effectively, which is easier said than done.

Getting in touch with a professional plumber is always the first call of action for most people. However, acquiring the service of disaster clean up professionals is also recommended. This is why we have decided to provide you with the top tips for cleaning and drying water damage from your home.

Disconnect all power sources

You should disconnect all electronic devices, and move them away from the water source. It is important to protect electronics from water, even if they aren’t plugged because they may get damaged.

Flush the water

Right after unplugging and putting away the electronics, you need to try and flush out the accumulated water in your home. There are different ways you can go about doing this, which involves doing it the old fashioned way by grabbing a bucket and soaking up the water with old towels and sponges.

Dry the affected area

If you have managed to drain/flush out the water properly, you can start on drying the affected areas of your home. Start by opening up the windows in your home and allowing as much ventilation as possible. The flow of air inside your home will help in drying the place out faster, and will also reduce moisture in your home.

Disinfect the area

Once your home is completely dry, you need to quickly disinfect the area, so that any bacteria that may have accumulated will quickly die out. Make sure that you disinfect the entire area around your home, since bacteria can settle on furniture, in walls, and other items around your home. Once you have thoroughly disinfected the area, you can start placing the furniture back into place.

Dry out soaked carpets

Your carpets, rugs, and sofas are obviously going to be damaged when your entire home is flooded, so the best thing to do straight away is dry them out. For carpets, you should take them outside and let them dry in the open air, by hanging them out in the yard or leaving them out on the lawn. You may need to get in touch with professional dry cleaners for rugs, and sofas that have been damaged quite badly by the water.

If all this sounds much harder than you thought, you’re right. Proper drying of a house requires professionals. If your house isn’t dried quickly (professional grade and quantity of equipment will be necessary), you risk mold and mildew growth, even in a dry climate like Las Vegas. Get in touch with STOP Restoration in Las Vegas, for all kinds of water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, and mold damage related services.