Water Damage Mitigation in Las Vegas

To mitigate a water damage loss, immediate action is your best plan of attack. Water damage mitigation usually begins with a quick inspection of the property to determine the extent of the water’s reach. This water damage inspection takes only a few minutes for a preliminary assessment and recommendation. A professional water damage mitigation company should be using professional water damage tools including one or more moisture detection systems to pinpoint moisture on and under floors, in walls, foundation, and wood framing.

STOP Restoration (“STOP”) is a regional restoration company affiliated with the STOP national brand. STOP of Las Vegas services the greater Clark County area including Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Boulder City, Lake Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston, Blue Diamond, Spring Valley, Paradise, North Las Vegas, East Las Vegas, and Green Valley.

STOP will assess your water damage with expert eyes and ears. We’ll inspect the source of the water and follow it to its farthest point of contact with your home or office. This sounds simple. But this is where most amateur and marginal technicians fail.

Mold is always a concern. Mold remediation is expensive and must be disclosed if you ever put your house for sale. Obviously, poor quality service with limited expertise can turn a water damage problem into a mold problem as fast as you can say “that’s enough time for mold to start growing“.

Water damage can come from several sources. Plumbing failures are the most common, but storms and flood water is also known to cause damage. While storm floods are not very common in Las Vegas, it is important to stay aware because they do happen and the results on your property can be devastating.

Wood and sheet-rock are very susceptible to water damage due to their porosity. Wood may take a while to weaken and rot from water exposure, but warping and swelling can occur quickly, especially in wood floors, within only a few hours of exposure.

Sheet-rock (drywall) can survive contact with water (quite well actually) if fast response and professional attention is given to mitigation and subsequent drying efforts.

Professional restoration companies should be using professional grade air-moving equipment and dehumidification to efficiently serve your commercial water damage or household disaster. This is the best approach to minimize the rebuilding process if any further cleaning, construction, painting or flooring will be needed, and to get your life back in order.

If a residential or commercial water damage situation is not dealt with as soon as possible, all of these factors can lead to a more expensive restoration process. The point is made… to mitigate residential or commercial water damage, timing is crucial. STOP knows this and will act fast in serving you in this unfortunate situation. In addition, we’ll cooperate with you insurance company throughout the entire process.

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