Blood Contamination – The Cleanup After a Crime Scene

blood spill on rugYou hear a sound in the middle of the night and you get up to investigate. Flashlight in one hand and a mobile phone in other, you creep into the hall and see that the lounge’s window, facing the main street is broken. You dial 911 to report a break in when in a blur; the robber runs by you and jumps out the window. The robber left behind a trail of blood that goes into your guest bedroom and there, near the cupboard, you see a pool of blood, and all your belongings thrown haphazardly.

Such episodes of vandalism happen more than often. Apart from the trauma that you go through where your life flashes before your eyes, the one thing that needs your immediate attention and you need to take care of is the spilled blood. If not cleaned properly and in time, the blood settles in the carpet or the floor, and becomes a reminder of the incident that you faced.

Calling For Professional Cleanup

A lot of people feel uncomfortable and squeamish around blood. Even a single drop of blood from a break in can be quite dangerous to you and your family. That drop of blood might contain pathogens, which when air borne, can be a health hazard.

After calling 911, the first thing you need to do is call for blood clean up and emergency service. The cleanup crew will board the area and get to work immediately, to find out what kind of problem they are dealing with. This is not something that you can scrub off with a bowl of dish soap water and a sponge.

It is hard enough to deal with such a traumatic event and when blood gets in the mix, the mess is difficult to deal with. The police are not responsible for the cleanup after the break in. Once they have collected the evidence from the crime scene, it’s your responsibility to call for professional cleaning services that specialize in blood cleanup.

Blood Spills and Blood Borne Pathogens

Professional cleaning services use a combination of techniques to remove blood stains and make sure that the area does not pose any health hazard. Blood borne pathogens expose you to ailments such as Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS. Therefore, it is important that you stay away from blood spills and make sure that your children and pets are locked away in another room.

In the aftermath of a break in, the cleanup crew follows a procedure to maintain hygienic standards through:

  • Special cleaning agents, which effectively, clean, scrub, sanitize and freshen the area where blood was spilled
  • Personal protective equipment that reduces cross contamination
  • Compliance with the IICRC and OSHA

STOP Restoration is a company that offers cleaning and restoration services. Their biohazard cleanup service involves taking care of the cleanup in the aftermath of a crime scene. The company is in compliance with all the OSHA standards and their highly competent workers have been specially trained to deal with these kinds of situations. So, next time when you have a break in and are looking at a possible blood contamination, call them immediately before the blood becomes a health hazard.