My Washing Machine Is Overflowing, What Do I Do?

You get home from work and think about all the chores you have to do. After putting the kids down for an afternoon nap, you decide to do a load of laundry. You go through the motions of preparing the washing machine and throw the clothes in. Before starting the washer, you decide to check your bedroom’s laundry basket to make sure there are no more dirty clothes. A couple of t-shirts and undergarments join the pile and you throw them in too. You finally turn on the washer and go into your living room to catch up on some TV shows. Suddenly, you hear a strange gurgling noise coming from the laundry room. When you enter the room, you see sudsy water everywhere, which is coming from the washing machine.

Has this ever happened to you? It’s the worst, isn’t it? Your kids might have some fun sliding on this sudsy water, but you are the one who has to clean up the mess. The truth is — youroverflowing washing machinehas nothing to do with a clog. The problem lies in the machine itself!

What’s the Reason Behind the Overflow?

If your house is old, then the drainpipe is most likely the cause of this issue. Older houses have small pipes, and they don’t have the capacity to drain out water in a large capacity. If you have a modern washing machine installed, then the pipes will clog. Since most people now have a separate laundry room or choose to keep the washing machine in the basement, the good news is that the overflowing water will not create a big mess. However, that small amount of water leaking from the washing machine can lead to mold.

The two main reasons behind water overflowing are buildup of lint in the drain hose and faulty hose connection.

  • If you haven’t cleaned the hose pipe that connects to the drain line for a long time, then you will find that a ball of lint is causing the clog. This can prevent the water from draining and, in fact, cause it to come out from the hose.
  • Move your washing machine forward and inspect the hose connection. Are there any cracks in the pipe? Is the pipe bent the wrong way? If you see any problem, replace the pipe immediately!

Washing a Big Load

Stuffing the washer with too many clothes can also cause the water to overflow. When you are in a hurry, you probably add more detergent in the slot. This is another problem that can lead to an overflowing washing machine. The suds in the water rise too high and then trickle down, which creates a nastier mess than just water.

What You Need to Do

First, switch off the power to the washing machine. Stopping the washer by pressing the cancel button will start the drying cycle, which will worsen the overflow. Empty the washing machine and then mop up the water. If the damage is extensive, then call professional cleaning services to dry the floor.

To prevent this from happening again, the best thing to do is install a standpipe. The drain water will flow directly into the sewage line, which will minimize the mess.

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