Dealing with Vandalism and Black Water – What to Do in an Emergency

In this article, we will talk about two common problems that many homeowners face: vandalism and plugged up drains.

Do you see dirty, black water backing up in your bathtub? In most cases, this happens due to a clog in the drain line. In other cases, when the wash back from floods enter your sewer system, all drain lines are effected, which results in dirt water filling in the sink, toilet and bathtub.

Following are a few causes behind plugged up drains:

Clogged Branch Drain Pipe

Ever plumbing fixture in your house has a separate drain pipe. However, all these drain pipes converge with a branch pipe. A branch pipe is bigger, which means it has more room for animals such as rats to invade. Toilet papers, tampons and other items can cause a blockage in the main pipe, which can force water back up the drain.

Plumbing Ventilation

The ventilation in your plumbing system runs to the roof and sometimes a blockage cause by dry leaves or dead birds can cause sewage water to backup.

Black Water Contamination

The problem with black water contamination is that it does not end with the removal of human waste. Once the water comes to the surface, all water lines get affected. The particles travel through the air and can cause illness. When this happens, you should no longer drink or eat in the house. The HVAC system will spread the particles and make this problem worse, which is why it is important to call cleanup services immediately.

Now that you know how to handle black water backup in your house, let’s move to the other problem at hand: vandalism.

Dealing with a Break-In

You get back home after a weekend vacay and as you are parking the car, you see broken windows. It’s a clear sign of vandalism and you panic. Maybe the intruder is still in the house. Don’t be all gung-ho and enter the house. Call the police immediately and then walk over to your neighbors until help arrives. There’s always safety in numbers and without knowing if the coast is clear, you shouldn’t do anything.

Once the police have checked your property, follow these next steps:

  • Call your insurance agent
  • Take pictures
  • Prepare an inventory of all the items stolen and damaged
  • Secure your home

It’s understandable that new windows cannot be installed overnight but you can call a professional service to get them boarded up. This will work as effective barrier to further break-ins. To know more about what to do in such a situation, check out our blog “What to Do When Your Property Has Been Vandalized”.

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