Tacking Water Damage – Tips to Prevent Mold and Mildew

Water damage is vicious and leaves hundred of mold spots in its place. If your home has water damage due to roof or plumbing leaks, flooding, sewage back-up, damp basement, overflowing toilet, bathtub, and sinks, or high humidity, then you will definitely find dark spots in certain areas. This staining is due to the mold and mildew growing in the water-damaged area.

The longer the water stands in a certain area, the more the mold will grow and weaken that area of the house. At the first sign of a leak, call for mold removal immediately. If your house remained intact during a flood, it doesn’t make you safe from water damage. Call for mold inspection and get the entire house checked. It is better to be safe and sorry. While exposure to mold is not life threatening, it can cause some problems such as:

  • Respiratory problems – asthma attacks, wheezing, etc
  • Sinus and nasal congestion
  • Aches and pains
  • Eye irritation – watery, burning, redness
  • Skin irritations – hives or rashes
  • Dry, hacking cough
  • Throat or nose irritation - bloody noses, sneezing fits
  • Nervous system - memory loss, headaches, mood changes

Tacking Water Damage

1. Install a Big Bath Fan

Your bathroom needs to have a big bath fan in order to dry the moisture after you take a shower. Bathroom is the one place that develops mold fast and in places where you can’t reach. To clean up this mess, it is better to call a professional.

2. Control Indoor Moisture

Damp crawlspaces in the walls and attics are the most susceptible to mold. There are invisible to the naked eye. If the prior water damage was left undetected, then you will find the walls and floor in here covered with mold. Make sure these places have good ventilation and get the walls checked for any leaking plumbing pipes.

3. Install SMART Bathroom Humidity Sensors

Sometimes, you might forget to turn on the fan. The standing water in the bathroom can make the floor slippery, which can be quite dangerous. This is where a SMART humidity sensor comes in. It will turn off and on automatically after measuring the moisture level in the room.

4. Clean Visible Mold

The best way to stop the growth of mold is to clean it immediately when you see it. Sometimes you might not be able to spot it in time and will have to call a professional cleaner but if you find discolored area under kitchen sink or mold near shower or tub, use water and detergent to clean the area. For tough stains, use 10% bleach and 90% water. Add both in spray bottle and spray it on the moldy area. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes and then clean. For dark spots on wall behind washing machine, you will need to call a professional for mold removal and clean up.

5. Wipe Your Shower with a Squeegee

After taking a bath, use the squeegee to wipe the wall and the bathtub or the shower stall. This eradicates ¾ of the moisture, which supports mold.

Most homeowners complain that “there is a mildew smell in my house, which is a dead giveaway. Some say that it is a musty odor, while others say that it smells like old socks. Whatever the case, you need to take quick action because it can destroy the foundation of your house.

So, there you go… five tips on how to tackle mold. STOP Restoration is a cleaning and restoration service in Anthem, Providence, Cadence, East Las Vegas and many other areas. The company provides all sorts of cleaning services. Their technicians are expert at extracting and drying areas that have been damaged by water. Make a quick call to S.T.O.P at (702) 803-3094 for emergency cleaning service.