Posts from June, 2019

  • Why Your Water Heater Is Leaking Water in the Garage Most of us have our water heater located in the garage, laundry or the basement. That time when your water heater leaked , what did you do? You probably thought there was a problem with the tank and therefore, you replaced the entire system, didn’t you? Well, we are here to ... Continue Reading
  • What to Do When Your Property Has Been Vandalized You get back home from a late night dinner with your wife and the first thing you notice is that two of the front windows are broken. There are black marks on the exterior wall and the flowers in the garden are trampled. Lastly, the damage to the garage is extensive. It ... Continue Reading
  • Common Causes of Toilet Overflow There are hundreds of articles online that will tell you exactly why your toilet is clogged. It can be a little confusing to find out where the clog is located when you don’t know how the sewer line works. To help you understand what’s causing the clog, we are going to ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Precautions to Take to Protect Your House from Flood Damage The weather forecast says that there’s a possibility of flood in the next few days. Now you are panicking because you don’t what to do. First, calm down and take a deep breath. There is no way you will be able to protect all your belongings unless you move the contents to a ... Continue Reading